I Hate Blogging!

It's a necessary evil (so they say)

Blog tour

So it seems I suck at writing posts for my own blog. Here’s a few I wrote for some others. These are from the blog tour I did for my novella, Incendium, back in January and have to do with Romance fiction. Thank you to all the great blogs that hosted me!

Breaking the Molds of Romance–Pants Off Reviews

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Romance–The Novel Approach

Too Boring To Live–Beauty in Ruins

The Tale of a Fairy Tale–Amethyst Daydreams

An Ode to the Bittersweet–Boy Meets Boy Reviews

Take care, arms!

sometime in College

Today I couldn’t think of that Hemingway book about an ambulance driver who drinks a bunch of grappa and falls in love with a nurse. Then a customer at work told me. How could I have forgotten! That’s the book Bruce Campbell traps his possessed, severed hand under! One time in college I was Ash for Halloween! This is my first blog post.