Derek grew up in a small Virginia town along the Blue Ridge Mountains. He was raised on Southern Baptism and Star Trek. The Star Trek was the one that stuck. His parents were both teachers and imparted a love of literature and wilderness exploration on him. Numerous backpacking trips along the Appalachian Trail put the mountains into his blood. He plans on returning to them when he is old and gray and spend his last remaining years there.

He went to school at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia where he learned the joys of studying feminist theory, dancing to techno music, and grocery shopping side by side with colonial costumed re-enactors. He left one class short of a Gender Studies major and several classes too far of an English major. He served a brief stint in Baltimore as an audiovisual technician where he tore through two clunker cars in the space of a year. He now resides in Brooklyn where he rides the subway.

He is an adamant dog person, but does not discriminate against cat persons, as he recognizes that is just how they were born and have a right to live that way. His day job is a barista at an artisanal café. His first published work was a romance story about a gay dragon. No, seriously it was. He is now writing a fantasy novel about an intersexed gladiator forced to fight in a tyrannical matriarchy based on the Ancient Roman Empire. No, seriously, that’s for real too.